Panathlon Challenge is a charity which benefits 18,000 disabled young people each year in Mini-Paralympic type sports competitions across the country. Panathlon focusses on reaching one of the most disadvantaged groups in the country - disabled children who are:

  • Twice as likely to be physically inactive than their non-disabled peers (Source: Sport England)

  • Twice as likely to live in poverty (Source: Children’s Society).

  • At greater risk of experiencing social isolation and loneliness. (Source: Activity Alliance)

Panathlon provides a competitive sporting pathway for various age ranges, impairment groups via appropriate sports, which enables local grassroots competitions – right through to national finals in prestigious venues such as the Olympic Park in London and also Stoke Mandeville, the home of the Paralympics.
Recent independent research from the University of East London concluded Panathlon improves self-confidence, motivation, social development and physical and mental well-being of those taking part.

“Until the day Panathlon came to school, neither we as parents or the school realised what disabled children could do. Panathlon opened our eyes.” Rebecca Lock, Parent.

Liz Johnson is the charity’s Paralympic Ambassador, having won three medals at the Athens, Beijing and London Paralympics said; “I’ve been involved with the Panathlon charity for over ten years now and am delighted to see it grow across the country and benefit thousands of children with disabilities who are more often than not, denied access to sporting competitions. I’m also delighted that during this time Panathlon has created a swimming programme that now enables thousands of young children with disabilities to get into the water, many for the first time.”

Panathlon aims to grow to involve every county in the country by 2020 and benefit 20,000 young people and charity fundraising from Investigo will help fuel that growth to new areas and add more provision in existing places as well.