Willow Oxford
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Willow Oxford


    Willow leads Investigo's Operational and Non-Financial Risk Practice, where she has full sector coverage working with investment banks, asset management firms, corporate banks, hedge funds, trading firms, brokerages, retail banks, consultancies and fintech firms.

    Typical mandates include:

    Operational risk analysis, operational risk management, operational risk leadership, risk frameworks management, cyber and technology risk,chief risk officer, operational risk stress testing, enterprise risk, risk resilience, business continuity, key risk indicators, risk control self-assessment (RCSA), risk control, first line of defence, second line of defence, risk oversight, risk assessment.

    Willow specialises in building non-financial risk teams across both the first and second lines of defence within financial services. As non-financial and operational risk comes under increasing scrutiny from PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority) and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations, the importance of a robust and well-resourced first and second line risk function to provide oversight on business and risk activities has never been more important.