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Diversity and Inclusion

At Investigo we place diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that in order to provide a first class service to our diverse clients we need to create a business brand that attracts a range of diverse candidates and also create a work environment where all of our employees feel valued, respected and where their individual and unique talents are nurtured. We seek out differences based on factors such as race, gender, disability, sexual orientation and age. But we don’t limit our approach here. We see diversity as covering many other factors including social background, personality, thinking styles and work history. Inclusion for us means actively working to remove both visible and invisible barriers and unconscious bias.


As such we operate a comprehensive diversity and inclusion programme – not only with regard to our internal recruitment process but also, and of equal importance, when presenting candidates to our clients.

We are committed to ensuring that we, as well as our clients, are fully aware of and in compliance with the applicable laws and recommended guidelines surrounding diversity and inclusion. In addition we can also provide expert advice to clients to help them better understand the business drivers for introducing such practices.

At the other end of the spectrum diversity is already a topic of paramount importance to some of our major clients. Our commitment to this programme internally means that utilising Investigo’s expertise when recruiting talent for your organisation means you can be confident that every aspect of your supply chain maintains the high standards set by your business.


Watch our Fact File on Unconscious Bias



What we have done



  • We joined the Employer’s Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI)
  • Our first step was to create a committee who actively promote and support awareness of the richness provided by a diverse workplace community within the business
  • The committee, along with the help of the ENEI, surveyed the entire workforce on how diverse and inclusive Investigo is
  • Our recruitment policy has expanded to include inexperienced hires from diverse employment backgrounds. We have actually just piloted our first Academy at Investigo. Our business model had always been based on hiring experienced people in recruitment. For our academy candidates we don’t look at CVs for interview purposes to encourage a more diverse and varied background
  • We have sought to train, support and promote more women to management level. 16 of our 39 management roles are now held by women (an increase from 11 in 2015)
  • Our LGBT network Investigay, formed beginning of 2016, has gone from strength to strength and now hosts the most anticipated events in our social calendar
  • Conducted Unconscious Bias training across the whole of the business
  • Further reaching business accomplishments have been to advise and actively and support our clients looking to promote D&I. We have hosted a series of “Women in” events drawing on female key speakers from Strategy, Property, Financial Services and Accountancy with a view to empowering women within these sectors and will host more in 2017


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