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5 worst job blunders

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Not everything is smooth sailing in the workplace. Whether it is that one delivery that got sent to the wrong address or getting totally smashed at your first work do and vomiting on your boss’s lap, we have all been there. While you cringe at the memory of your workplace mess up’s, there are some stories here that makes your inappropriate email feel like a distant memory. Every once in a while we do royally screw up, but probably not as bad as this...


Take a look at the top five workplace blunders below.


5. ‘Objection. I hate my job’

Being drunk and being a court reporter most definitely do not go hand in hand. A court reporter caused a legal nightmare by typing ‘I hate my job’ and other nonsense in numerous trials instead of recording the courtroom speech. This resulted in around 30 court cases being diluted due to carelessness and failure to provide any faithful transcripts by the reporter.


4. Hackers

Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked for several hours before someone noticed and got the account suspended. The hijacker tweeted out some pretty inappropriate material ranging from explicit tweets to pictures of people taking drugs. If this isn’t classed as a royal mess up I don’t know what is! On the bright side, Burger King did gain thousands of followers after the hacking. Always a silver lining.


3. Wardrobe malfunctions

Forgetting your accessories or forgetting to brush your hair can send us into a slight frenzy, especially when running late to an interview. Forgetting your socks on the other hand led to an interviewee going to the great lengths of colouring his ankles with a BLACK MARKER. I know.


2. Too much information

An employee accidently sent the salaries of all the executives and owner to 100 people in the company. The worst thing was she didn’t realise until she requested a document from HR, and in turn they sent back the email which included a form on how executives can claim compensation. Major. Egg. On. Face.


1.Missed switches

An employee working at a fish processing factory managed to ruin 3 tonnes of cod by tripping a freezer switch button. If that wasn’t enough, he also managed to flood a room with oil. Bet your Christmas party outburst is looking pretty good right now.


These are just some of the outrageous workplace mess up’s that we have picked up on. Have you experienced any major mess ups in the workplace? Drop your story in the comments section!


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