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Are the days numbered for the traditional CV?

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With more than 238 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn has become the go to tool for us to present our professional history.


The internet is more powerful than ever, LinkedIn has grown to 238 million members in a mere 10 years. No longer is it the norm for a business to advertise a position and then struggle to receive relevant CV’s, in a competitive market businesses are always on the look out for exceptional talent and are spending thousands of pounds advertising on sites such as LinkedIn and Xing. Large corporations have also increased their in-house recruitment teams and there has been a significant increase in new recruitment businesses due to the easy reach of a free online database.


LinkedIn, some describe as the ‘Facebook for adults’ and it’s a great product for us to show our school, university and old colleagues how we’ve progressed in our careers. With its ease of use, it is simple to update your profile and apply for those dream jobs that are being advertised daily. On many occasions, it is now common practice for a business to approach a candidate via LinkedIn and invite the person for an interview using only their LinkedIn profile, some recruitment firms will also use LinkedIn profiles as an alternative to a CV if the candidate doesn’t have time to put one together immediately. This is of course if the information on the candidate’s page is detailed and valuable.


Is the CV dead? No, not by a long way but if LinkedIn keeps going from strength to strength and more professionals hear that their colleagues have been hired without presenting a CV it will give them the impetus to improve their own professional networks and be in the mix next time. My advice though, if you want to be informed and considered for the best opportunities available, invest your time sprucing up your LinkedIn profile otherwise you might miss out.

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