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Blogging – the secret to amazing client relationships & great recruiting

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The world of blogging has exploded in the past few years and everyone seems to have a blog now. There are currently over 14 million blogs on the Internet and an estimated 80000 blogs being added every day. Moreover, there are approximately 25 billion pages viewed each month and 500,000 new posts every day. So, if blogging is not already part of your business strategy you should definitely consider adding it – it will provide online visibility for your business in a more efficient way than other methods.


Here are a few other key benefits of blogging:

  • Many people follow more than one blog and usually read a few articles each day. Therefore, providing interesting, original and perhaps thought provoking content will bring a higher search engine ranking to your company and direct your targeted audience to your website.
  • Will help you sell and establish yourself as a specialist and go-to source of information in your field. This will raise your profile significantly and promote a positive employer brand which will lead to an increased interest from potential candidates and clients.
  • Will help you build relationships with wider industry networks as well as with potential future clients.
  • Blogs are amongst the top five most trustworthy sources of information so writing insightful content on a regular basis will build trust and loyalty and establish credibility.
  • Is going to promote your departments and employees as well as your company as a dynamic and enjoyable working environment.
  • Can be used a tool to update your target audience about developments within your organisation.

But, how does blogging work in the recruitment industry?


A few years ago, many recruiters and recruitment businesses were shying away from blogging most probably because they didn’t really understanding the benefits that can be derived from using blogs to build client relationships online and to attract an audience that otherwise would pass them by.


But, lately, more and more recruiters have started to realise that, in a very competitive recruitment industry, blogs can hold great power in achieving effective results. So they’ve started to focus more on blogging to build relationships with you, the corporate client, and get you to come back to them again and again, whenever you’re looking for recruiting advice and tips as well as talented candidates.


You’ve probably noticed that there are lots of recruitment blogs on the Internet now which usually give insights into thought leadership, candidate attraction and engagement, employer brand, social media recruiting, interview best practices, industry news etc.


Use this very useful content to your advantage to lead your business to success. After all, it was written by recruiters with your needs and interests in mind and, of course, to drive business results. It’s a win-win situation!


At Investigo, blogging is an essential component of our social media strategy and, so far, it has really worked wonders for our recruiting efforts and has helped us build a strong employer brand. We’re always encouraging our specialist consultants to write blogs on key industry topics without being afraid to experiment with different type of content and formats. Since 2013, when we first started blogging, our clients have built a greater awareness of who we are and what we do and, most importantly, they trust us.


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