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Business Intelligence moves forward with SAP

SAPbusiness intelligence

In recent years Business Intelligence (BI) has progressed from a simple tool for analysing data to an important part of business transformation. Latest versions of BI analysis allow companies to improve in the following areas: Customer Relationships, Workforce Effectiveness, Profitability and Operations.


BI is now an important tool for business transformation, delivering capabilities to businesses that extend beyond spreadsheets and charts. BI is now able to provide an accurate picture of business and improve the effectiveness of decision making.


The ‘self service’ aspect of Business Intelligence also means that almost anyone from the business can create different reports, without the need of technical assistance from the IT Teams.


SAP are now designing innovative business Analytics initiatives to help businesses improve in areas such as, Customer Engagement, manufacturing and fraud tracking.


The combination of BI and advanced predictive analytics, which is a joint solution provided by SAP in the form of HANA and the Business Objects Suite, is often now preferred by high performing industry players, allowing them to invest, implement and innovate with greater ease.


Companies with a defined BI strategy have reported better customer support, improved sales processes and greater brand awareness.


At Investigo we have the ability to deliver SAP BI specialists for your projects, we can supply Techno-functional SAP BI Consultants, SAP Business Objects specialists in addition to consultants qualified in SAP HANA with real hands on project experience.


These BI specialists will allow your business to improve their strategic planning capabilities and potentially stay ahead of the competition!


Terry Dawson
Posted by Terry Dawson
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