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Five ways to impress a new boss

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Whether you’ve started a new job, been promoted to another role or your boss has left the company, one of the most stressful times in many people’s careers is trying to impress the new head honcho.


Here are some surefire ways to win their respect.


Listen more than you talk


A new boss is going to have certain expectations and likely some ideas for change. During this transition period, it’s important to spend more time listening to your boss’ ideas, recommendations and decisions rather than talking about your responsibilities or how things have been done before.


Ditch bad habits


Whatever your old boss let fly won’t necessarily be ok with their replacement. If you developed a strong relationship with your old boss and were able to take certain liberties (eg. taking personal calls at work, arriving late from time to time, ducking out for several smoke breaks, delegating some key tasks to others) be aware that this is a new chapter. Go back to basics and be on your best behaviour while you figure out what you can and cannot do under new management.


Be proactive


You don’t always need to wait for your new boss to ask you questions. Try to anticipate the questions they will have for you and provide clear, concise and objective answers. Also be willing to share any ideas you have on positive changes that you think could improve processes or performance. Your boss is probably under a lot of stress and pressure to settle into their new role and deliver on what they were hired to do. Being helpful, friendly and accessible will be greatly appreciated (even if they may not say so).


Monitor your attitude


Many situations can lead to resentment and anger between a new boss and their team such as a promotion within a team, unannounced managerial changes or the departure of a popular leader. Whatever the circumstances, the fact remains that your new boss can have a huge impact on your professional success and day-to-day working life. Wouldn’t you rather this be positive than negative? Endeavour to forge a relationship based on mutual respect, understanding of the other’s pressures and priorities and a willingness to work together to achieve organisational objectives.


Remain loyal


Your colleagues will inevitably ask about your new boss and how things are going. While it’s ok to admit you are feeling stressed, always keep your comments positive and refuse to be drawn into negative gossip. Maintaining outward loyalty to your boss is important and speaking badly about them at the start can only spell trouble for your working relationship moving forward.


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