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Good traits of a Project Manager

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What would most businesses look like without Project Managers? They play a vital role within any industry for absolutely any project. It is often specific decisions that a PM makes that is a pivotal factor in the projects outcome.


In previous years, PM’s may have been hired internally or through specific recommendation. However, recently, they have been commonly hired into projects externally as contractors.

So what makes a good interim Project Manager?



PM’s need to ensure that each task they are given throughout a project is delivered on time, to budget and to a satisfactory level. This will mean remaining flexible for the projects duration as certain plans are likely to change, decrease or expand between the beginning of a project and its completion.



PM’s are expected to keep a close eye on the entire process from several viewpoints. They need to be able to pick up on any potential issues that could arise. This could be through the project needing more resources or potentially more time. Identifying these issues early on or at the nearest possible opportunity leaves a much larger chance of any changes to be implemented successfully.




On top of ensuring the individual teams are performing to the standard expected, PM’s will need to clearly explain each stage of the process to the customers or stakeholders involved. They will need to give any professional advice should they feel certain requests are not beneficial to the project and potentially explain a separate or modified way of doing it. Being able to professionally deal with any unrealistic requests is key to maintaining healthy relationships.



PM’s should be able to spot strengths and weaknesses within their teams and utilise the resources they have. Being able to modify an individuals duties to compliment the project and knowing “who” to assign to “what” project at the right time is a very important trait of a good PM.



A project will only be able to run smoothly if the PM has the respect of their team. Should this be through giving praise and endorsement where needed or admitting to mistakes that have been made by taking responsibility on behalf of the team. The concept of unity within a team could be difference between a project being completed and a project being destroyed.


PM’s should have full trust given in their abilities to run and manage a successful project. They should be directly involved in the recruitment process when expanding their team and have a valued opinion when finalising time frames and financial budgets


What do you think makes a good project manager?

Dean Gibb
Posted by Dean Gibb
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