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Google’s top tips for hiring great talent

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Google has consistently topped lists for the best company to work for in the world, becoming known for their amazing office spaces, innovative work culture and famous workplace perks.


This isn’t that uncommon in the tech industry, with peers such as Facebook and also vying for the top employer spot each year and establishing highly attractive global employer brands.


But with a reputation like that Google don’t just attract the best talent, they’re attracting everyone! So how on earth do they wade through thousands of applications and ensure they’re hiring the best people?


A recently released book “How Google Works” features insights from executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt and former SVP of product Jonathan Rosenberg. The book lists nine dos and don’ts for Hiring Managers to consider when recruiting, so if you’re struggling to choose between candidates or are on the other side of the interview table looking to land your dream job at a popular company, take note of these tips!


Google Recruiting Dos

  • Do hire people that are more intelligent than you.
  • Do hire people who will add value to your product/service and workplace culture.
  • Do hire people who don’t just talk the talk but can walk the walk and get things done.
  • Do hire people who are enthusiastic, self-motivated, and passionate.
  • Do hire people who inspire their colleagues and work well in teams.
  • Do hire people who are interested in growing with the company.
  • Do hire people who are open-minded with interesting hobbies and interests.
  • Do hire people who are ethical and believe in open communication.
  • Do only hire great candidates.

Google Recruiting Don’ts

  • Don’t hire people that don’t challenge you or that you can’t learn from.
  • Don’t hire people who are not interested in or willing to contribute to your product/service and workplace culture.
  • Don’t hire people who get stuck on problems rather than seeking solutions.
  • Don’t hire people who just want a job!
  • Don’t hire people who prefer to work autonomously.
  • Don’t hire people with narrow skill sets or interests.
  • Don’t hire people who are workaholics.
  • Don’t hire people who are political and manipulative.
  • Don’t settle for mediocre candidates.

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