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How can you make your CV stand out?

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As a recruitment consultant you can receive hundreds of CVs every day, so what is it that ensures you take notice of a profile, before moving on to the next? There are a number of common weaknesses that appear again and again on CVs, so how do you ensure that your profile stands out?



  • Ensure that the information on your CV is concise – use bullet points that are easy to read and make sure to include key words.
  • Divide the information into ‘Responsibilities’ and ‘Achievements’ for each role, and ensure to include tangible results - figures and percentages will stand out from the page and draw the eye. Results will also demonstrate your commerciality and how you can add value to the business.
  • Format your CV – making use of bold lettering, italics and paragraphing etc will ensure that the information is quickly assimilated and makes immediate sense to the reader.
  • Adapt your CV when applying for different roles – for example ensure that key relevant information, for that particular role, appears first in the text (look at the job description for tips!).
  • Include contact details (you would be surprised at how many people don’t)!
  • Choose a simple text that is easy to read – don’t try to be too creative on your CV, it just hurts our eyes!



  • Use abbreviations for words, e.g. CRM, HRIS, PM etc – it is not a given that the person reading your CV will be an expert in your field and understand what they all mean.
  • Include personal information on your CV, eg. age, ethnicity, height, date of birth, marital status, religion etc.
  • Write in the first person – instead of saying ‘I recruit for Supply Chain roles across the UK...’, say ‘ Recruit for Supply Chain roles across the UK...’. Use present tense for your current role and past tense for all previous roles and achievements.
  • Use an email address that is unprofessional, eg., Instead, use an email address such as


Follow these tips and you should have recruiters calling you back for every application you send! Happy job hunting...


Laura Miskell
Posted by Laura Miskell
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