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How to ensure you win one third of your tenders

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With the economic recovery gaining momentum across the UK and EMEA in 2014, the bid market has been booming and with it, the recruitment of bid professionals and salespeople.


Three out of every ten companies attracted to a bid should be serious contenders, so in general terms you should be winning 33% of all bids you enter. If you are not achieving this you aren’t selling your brand, your services or approaching your bids in the right way.


There are a number of factors to consider to give your company the best chance of winning one third of all tenders:


1. The 5 Cs – Ensure your bid proposal is:

  • Clear - don’t include too much marketing waffle that does not add value
  • Consistent - ensure your facts and figures match and that you do not contradict yourself
  • Compliant - you must meet the client’s minimum criteria
  • Creative - a bid is your chance to differentiate yourself
  • Compelling - tell a story, show your understanding of the client’s requirements, anticipate the challenges

In addition, ensure you consider the weighting of the brief and the client’s scoring criteria. Do not spend a lot of energy on sections of the bid that are worth little and concentrate your efforts on the important areas that the client is awarding the most marks for.


2. Have a strong central message – Achieve this by having a clear internal strategy for delivering the bid, maintaining a consistent writing style and promoting a strong brand through your proposal’s design. Ensure that all internal parties involved in the bid understand the objective and your company’s offer.


3. Do your research – Your preliminary research is as important as putting together your proposal. Ask the right questions to ensure your bid is identifying the client’s key objectives and success factors.


4. Be selective with your opportunities - Companies are realising the importance of selectively choosing which bids to participate in rather than engaging in every potential business opportunity that arises.


5. Don’t be afraid to be creative - Companies are often hesitant to deviate from the standard proposal format of an executive summary, summary of services and then pricing. Depending on your industry, there may be more creative ways to compile and present a proposal so consider your target market carefully and do not be afraid to really differentiate yourself!


Heather recruits Bid Writers, Bid Coordinators, Bid Managers and Estimators across the Facilities Management sector. If you are seeking these opportunities or currently recruiting for these roles please email Heather or call 0203 009 3493.

Heather Last
Posted by Heather Last
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