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How to nail your first 90 days in a new job

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There is a lot going on when you start a new job. How does your boss approach things? How best can you begin to win their approval? What are the key outcomes or projects you need to deliver? How formal is the dress code? Where are the best places to get lunch? And probably the most common – what are all these peoples’ names?!


Here is a survival checklist to make sure you not only make it through your first 90 days but do so with gusto and style.


Ask questions

The best way to get the answers to your many questions is to ask. To learn as much as you can, as fast as you can, ask about anything and everything. Your new colleagues will understand and your questions are likely to give them an insight into who you are and how you work. Cue; the start of some great working relationships.


Define your objectives

Your employer has hired you with certain expectations in mind. Make sure these are clearly communicated to you early on and that you understand what you are expected to achieve in your first three months. Highlight any concerns as soon as possible and suggest solutions to overcome these.


Raise your profile

Endeavor to win over as many of your colleagues as possible in your first three months and make a concerted effort to get exposure to key members of management. The higher your star rises in these first crucial months, the smoother your transition will be. Aim to make yourself indispensable and valued by your new employer.


Ask for feedback

Ask for reviews on your progress and ensure you note down and work on any constructive feedback. This can help you adjust your working style to your new environment, enable you to better manage people, time and responsibilities and more effectively meet your objectives. Constructive feedback is an opportunity to develop your skills and is very valuable in progressing your career, so try not to shy away from it.


The past is the past

Avoid making too many comparisons to your last job and keep your focus on the here and now. Throw yourself completely into your new role and make the most of your fresh start. This means adapting to your new circumstances by being open to new ideas and willing to alter the way you do certain things. Refrain from constantly mentioning how things were done at your previous company, as this could get your colleagues off-side and may lead them to question why you left in the first place.



Make a real effort to socialise with your colleagues in the first few months. Being willing and able to socialise will demonstrate that you are genuinely keen to know the people you work with. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know people you may not often need to speak to or work with. interacting with your colleagues outside of work can really help workplace relationships and synergies.


Show your enthusiasm

You just started a new job, which for most people only happens every three to five years, so you should be excited. Take lots of notes during your inductions and training to show you are paying attention and are serious about learning. Maintain a positive and friendly attitude, even if you are stressed by the amount of new people and unfamiliar responsibilities. Beware of being too reserved or assertive in the beginning - a balance is best.


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