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With September looming, the world of finance and recruitment can expect a significant wave of newly-qualified Chartered Accountants to emerge with time qualification under their belts. The question for many will be - Practice or Industry? What many newly-qualified accountants do not realise is that the world is now their oyster. The demand for candidates of that calibre and with that skill set across the Thames Valley is ever growing, resulting in an increased flow of opportunities for newly qualified accountants. But the idea of making a move out of practice can be daunting for any newly qualified – where do you start? There are some fundamental points that need to be considered before starting the search:


  • CV

Do you have an up-to-date CV? Your CV is the first crucial step to making a move out of practice and an opportunity to sell yourself. Someone once said a CV is like wrapping paper, it needs to be shiny and exciting to entice the potential employer to reveal the goods inside - in this case, you. Cheesy – but true! A good CV will be clearly formatted and easy to read and should include all academic achievements, professional qualifications and most importantly key accomplishments to date.


  • Role

What role is right for you? Many newly qualified accountants are keen to move away from more traditional accounting roles and are interested in pursuing opportunities within an industry which will allow them to get exposure to commercial finance – the “sexy” roles. It is important to point out the importance of gaining technical accounting experience in industry. Many of todays successful Finance Directors and CFOs have pursued Financial Reporting and Internal Audit roles as their first roles in industry. These roles are essential and create the building blocks needed to become an all-rounded, influential finance leader and someone who is able to drive and shape a business.


  • Company

Blue Chip or SME? The Thames Valley boasts an impressive business community. Home to 10 of the top 50 global organizations in the world and 13 of the world’s top 30 billion dollar brands, the region excels across a number of business sectors, with strong expertise in technologies and FMCG, and is often referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’. However Blue Chip is not the only route you can take when considering a move out of practice. There is an abundance of small to medium sized organizations in the Thames Valley that have demonstrated quick and impressive growth and more importantly further growth potential which will offer you a broader, hands-on finance career with the opportunity to be part of an exciting journey.


  • Contacts

Who do you know? Knowing the right people is the key to success. Making a move out of practice will trigger a lot of questions and it can be difficult to understand who you need to speak to. Investigo is here not only to find you a new exciting role but also to help you with the process of planning your long-term accountancy and finance career. We will provide you with quality career advice, CV tips, Interview preparation, upcoming networking events to expand your professional network, latest recruitment news on our blog and a live job board to showcase our latest roles in finance and accounting.


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Kate Chodak
Posted by Kate Chodak
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