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Social Media as a recruitment tool

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Social media recruitment is now the new way and potentially one of the best ways to source new candidates for employers. Social media sites were created to bring people together to freely interact and share out their lives. It has now changed the way HR professionals carry out their recruitment process, especially with the introduction of LinkedIn in 2007.


LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network where people can post their CV’s and experience on their personal profiles, connect with other professionals in their field of work and search for jobs that may not usually be available on other job boards. Facebook and Twitter are also being utilised, as companies make their own pages to source and contact potential candidates directly.

So what exactly are the pros and cons of using social media recruitment?



  • The ability to target a large amount of candidates – recruiters may find more suited candidates which may have been difficult via traditional search methods
  • It’s free!
  • If candidates are already following you on any social networks, they are familiar with your products/services and have a potential interest in the firm. This gives recruiters a pool of candidates to choose from
  • Recruiters can use the information provided by the candidate to find someone who can fit into the business culture
  • Recruiters can reach passive candidates more easily and create a relationship rather than periodic phone calls, by engaging them across social networks
  • Easier to look for candidates with niche skills


  • Candidates may fabricate their skills which will be harder to filter out
  • More of a time consuming process as there are so many candidates who will apply even if they do not have the required/specific skill set or experience
  • Checking the details of a candidate on their social networks can be viewed as an invasion of privacy
  • Social media is a platform for people to voice their opinions, even if they are negative. Recruiters must be able to reply in a disciplined manner and turn any negative comment into positive
  • Profiles can be outdated as not everyone will be constantly updating their information
  • Discretion issues - e.g. companies may not want to make it obvious to internal staff that there is going to be a change in personnel


There is no doubt that social media has completely changed the way the recruitment process is carried out. LinkedIn (94%) currently tops the list of usage by recruiters, with Facebook (54%) as runner up and Twitter coming in third (39%).


So what can we expect in the future for the relationship between social media and recruitment? We predict that social media will become a fundamental part of the recruitment process, with consultants having to adapt their practices to fit in with social media in order to stay ahead of the competition.

What are your thoughts?

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