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The SMART way to answer questions

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In a competitive environment where there is a huge emphasis on skilled professionals, what can distinguish you from peers when answering competency based questions?


One technique to overcome proficiency based questions is to use a mnemonic acronym known as SMART:


  • Specific – it’s terrific to be specific, give precise details and be as concise as you can when answering questions, For example include answers where you can mention Clients you’ve worked on, size, detailed problems, and exactly how you overcame them
  • Measurable – Try and use a comparative indicator to benchmark your answer – the key here is to ensure you make it clear that your answer is better than the average candidate. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself and state why you’re different to every other candidate out there.
  • Assignable – Identify who will do it. Management is a key skill in any type of role which is closely aligned to communication. Ensure you demonstrate how you can be assertive and give an example of how you’ve delegated and worked within a team. Just be sure to make the difference between assigning a task and taking responsibility for a task. Accountability should always start with you.
  • Realistic – State what resources can be effectively used - it’s always important to consider how best to use resources efficiently and not promise over the top results which can seem unattainable. Managing the interviewers expectations is important here and we all want to look good, but it’s better to make promises you can keep.
  • Time pressure – Give an indication of when results can be achieved by. Alongside any goal-setting exercise there should always be a consideration for time, after all time equals money. Over exaggerating how little time a task can take can destroy credibility.

Stick to this simple, effective way to answer questions and you’ll excel with any skill based question.



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