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Tips For Better Sleep and Increased Productivity

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Some people need more sleep than others, though most people would probably agree that they would like more – especially when the alarm goes off on a stormy Monday morning.


The economic cost of poor sleep is high and various studies recently have reinforced this. Anecdotal evidence would certainly back this up too – most people have avoided important tasks at work because they are tired after a late night or a poor night’s sleep.


Stress about change in your company, interviewing for a new role, a heavy workload, relationship problems, money or health worries; all problems seem a lot worse when you are tossing and turning at midnight. When life is going well it can also be difficult to sleep if you can’t switch off – but at least you’ll be happier in the morning!


If you have someone in your team with sleep problems it can affect the whole team in terms of performance and you should think about how to address this with them. Be sensitive though – don’t give them more to worry about as you may make the problem worse!


If you are having sleep problems yourself then it’s time to do something about it! Rather than hoping for the best, tackle the problem head on. I’m speaking from experience, having just started as Associate Director of the Tax, Treasury and Audit division at INVESTIGO. I’ve got lots to learn and remember and I find it difficult to switch off. When I shut my eyes I see the names of people within my network who I have to call to let them know I have started a new role or who would be perfect for some of the roles the tax team are recruiting for.


I’m also the parent of 2 children and the youngest, a one year old boy, has slept through the night only twice, so I have got used to functioning whilst being tired.


My tips for better sleep and better productivity:

  1. Be organised! Plan your days the night before and split your task list into lists according to the time of day to enable you to focus. For example – I will keep a separate list of tax professionals to call within my network who I think may look for a new role and call these at the beginning of the day, lunchtime or after office hours.
  2. Brain dump at the end of the day – I do this on the train home, but don’t shut your eyes without clearing your brain of all the things you need to do the following day.
  3. Drink lots of water and try not to drink caffeine in the afternoon and try to get some light exercise.
  4. If all else fails, employ a sleep consultant. I’ve booked mine and she’s coming to help my husband and I sleep train our son on Friday night!
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