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Turning the interview table - why you should ask questions at the end of your interview

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Picture this. You’ve finished your job interview. You’ve answered all their questions. Completed their assessments. You can see the interview coming to an end and hope that you’ve sold yourself enough to ensure that they hire you. But there’s one thing left...


‘Do you have any questions?’


Almost all employers will ask this, so prepare some good questions to really get an idea of the role that you are applying for and what it will entail. There is a possibility that what you need to know has already been covered in the interview, but having some questions prepared will show the employer that you are genuinely interested in the role and want to know how you can fit into the company.


The types of questions you should be asking:

DO ask

  • ‘What will be my main objectives in the first six months?’

o This will help you identify where your priorities will be at the beginning of the role and clue you in on the daily challenges the job will involve

  • ‘What improvements do you hope the new candidate will bring?’

o You are inviting a response that can help you understand what it is the recruiter wants from a candidate. It also shows that you are keen to be the best at the job

  • ‘What have you enjoyed the most about working here?’

o This will help you can envision whether you will be happy working there based on their response and what the interviewer values most about being there


DON’T ask

  • ‘What does your company do?’
  • ‘Do you carry out background checks?’

o Asking this question like you have something to hide will not bode well with the employer. Background checks are a natural part of the hiring process and they will be carried out regardless


What other questions do you think you shouldn’t ask? Leave a comment below!


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