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“Twitter heads to market as it announces £10bn sell-off” – The Metro Friday 13th September 2013.


So Twitter is following in the way of Facebook’s flotation last May. In my blog I ask whether businesses are making the most of Twitter. I love Twitter and enjoy following the tribulations of Ian Poulter coupled with the shameless branding he partakes in every day. I also follow businesses such as Unilever who post daily and offer a small insight into their social marketing policies. Being honest, at first I thought it was a rubbish version of Facebook where all you could see was a person’s ‘status’ and couldn’t access pictures etc. Unlike some social media, it’s a slow burner, it takes a bit of time, but then it really starts to work. I personally think it’s better for business than Facebook.


If you haven’t joined it yet, here is why I think it makes good business sense for both individuals and brands.

  1. Social media is here to stay. It’s not like Fax Machines or CB Radios. Business leaders who say that social media will not impact their business will be like people in the past saying “we won’t be using telephones” or “the internet will not affect us”.
  2. Twitter gives you business information you want from people you want it from. Unlike Facebook where someone you went to school with is telling you they just had a cup of tea, you get updates from your favourite people and companies -it will provide you with useful real time business information on any subject you want. It also means you can communicate your own business message effectively.
  3. This information is “fed” to you. If you don’t like what you are being fed by a person or company, then just “unfollow” them. You can also search for instant information using the hashtag icon eg #productrecall
  4. You can ask business questions to anyone and you will more than likely get an answer – I saw a question the other day along the lines of “can anyone direct me in how to run an assessment centre”?
  5. It’s a two way communication service - In a world where it can be difficult to get hold of someone by conventional means twitter has proved itself to be especially effective.
  6. 140 Character Limit. Cuts out the tripe. Concise and to the point.
  7. It will undoubtedly introduce you to new business contacts.
  8. It will bring you up to speed with the issues of the day facing you and your business.
  9. It will help build your personal “brand” and the brand of the business you represent.
  10. It is fun and entertaining. You may want to have a business account and a personal account to keep business and pleasure separate.


The only way to understand it is to be part of it – it’s like riding a bike, the more you do it the better you get at it. There are reams and reams of info on the net for “getting started on Twitter” but the best way is to explore it and work your way around it. As long as you think before you tweet, you can’t really make a mistake and in the unlikely event you make a blooper, it’s gone in about an hour.


Adam Evans
Posted by Adam Evans
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