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War on talent - the increase of mobile and digital technology

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Over the next two years nearly 70 percent of organizations are increasing their investments in mobile and digital technology, over 50 percent are intensifying their spend on business analytics. The war on talent is nowhere more evident than here, and it’s all about making sure that you have the right team in place to understand the key talent areas, engage the best candidates on the market and retain the right calibre for your business.


Through out our client base, across industries, we have seen a massive push within HR Recruitment to secure high calibre specialist Digital Recruiters. Your Resourcing and Talent Acquisition Specialists are on the front line when it comes to hiring the right talent into your business, and as we respond to the opportunities provided by these new technologies your success relies more and more on more on their understanding of this new market and how to deliver those hard to source candidates.


What is your strategy to succeed? How are you engaging the multi-skilled tech-savvy staff that will drive your growth and ensure your competitiveness? Is your investment in that Front Line Resourcing team matching your vision?

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