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Why engagement with candidates is fast becoming the best technique for future recruitment

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According to a US recruiting operations expert, branding, advertising and the capacity to engage with candidates directly is a growing and successful technique. The rise of technology and social media has given recruiters more freedom to source the best candidates for their business due to the amount of freely accessible information online.


This does however, increase the competition as this information is available to anyone and everyone. It is really about finding a good technique to engage with appropriate candidates and retain them.

With this in mind, here are some top tips to engage candidates:


1) Build a welcoming page on social networks

Actively engaging with followers, targeting the right candidates and developing an interaction and growing your network will all help with engaging candidates and increasing awareness of yourself and company


2) Company careers page

Make sure your company careers page is welcoming and allow relevant and easy point of contacts for candidates and point them to social media channels


3) Personalise!

When contacting candidates, personalise your interaction by using names and tailoring your response. Also, follow up with weekly/monthly newsletters and personalise subscriptions i.e. here are some jobs you may be interested in or include a welcome message. If this is done consistently will have a positive impact on engagement


4) Building engaging content on the website

Entice the candidate by pointing them to engaging and interesting content on websites and social media networks. The candidate will be able to find out any current news and gain an insight into the organisation culture. Regular blogging is vital to improving your social networks and giving candidates regular news


5) Networking events

Nothing beats talking to people directly. Go out and find candidates and keep up the social interaction, i.e. Who is going to the #financenetworking tonight? Tweet me! Both of these hand in hand is sure to engage candidates fully.


What other tips do you have to increase candidate interaction?


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