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Will you perform better if you stay in a job longer?

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Common HR theory suggests that experience and tenure leads to increased performance. Staying in one role for longer hones your knowledge, experience and skills, and allows you to develop effective internal relationships to increase your productivity and ability to work autonomously.


However, a controversial study by the Journal of Vocational Behaviour refutes this theory by suggesting that longer job tenure is actually detrimental to your professional performance.


According to the research, employees who stay in the same role for an extended period tend to suffer from complacency, a lack of motivation and job boredom – all resulting in lower performance and job satisfaction.


However, it’s important to note these findings relate to employees remaining in one position, rather than those who have a long tenure with their employer but have held numerous positions.


Ways in which organisations can mitigate complacency in employees with long tenure include:

  • Develop a robust career progression strategy to motivate, encourage loyalty and minimise stagnation
  • Empower employees to shape their career paths and provide feedback on performance
  • Invest in learning and development programs to provide opportunities for employees to increase or expand their skill set
  • Promote an effective reward and recognition program to motivate and drive employee success

Employees with long tenure are still extremely valuable to organisations and should not be discounted. Rather, organisations should ensure that there are enough opportunities for diversification and progression to maximise productivity whilst also taking advantage of experience.


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