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Marc Lesner / Senior Consultant

How long have you been at Investigo?

Just over a year and a half now


Tell me briefly about what you do at Investigo?

I run the strategy consulting desk here so I place individuals from both consulting and industry into consulting practices. I used to be a consultant at Deloitte so I know that particular market place pretty well.


That was a big brand to step away from! What prompted the move?

At Deloitte I was working in a very corporate environment - I was focusing on technology consulting, which is an industry I wasn’t really that passionate about so I wanted to do something that was more in line with my personality. A lot of my friends worked in recruitment, as well as some family members so it seemed like the natural next step for me. The fact that I’d be going into a team focusing on consulting seemed like it would be a good fit. I met a few people from Investigo and instantly fell in love with the company and what it stands for.


What was it in particular that attracted you to Investigo?

I think it’s the combination of like-minded individuals, who are smart and switched on, but who also know how to have fun. When I met with Paul (Director of Strategy), he spoke about the Investigo culture, describing it as ambitious and how everybody wanted to achieve as individuals but it was balanced with everyone being supportive of one another.


What’s the best thing about working here?

The people. I’ve never worked in a team where everybody genuinely gets on so well, supporting and motivating each other. We have a laugh and take the mickey out of each other but that’s what makes it so special.


You came to Investigo with no recruitment experience, how did the business support you with this change?

There were various bits of training that I did in the beginning, I think what was most important for me was to not stall and do too much training at the beginning as I was so familiar with the industry. I have learnt a great deal from Paul. I was going on meetings and making calls within the first week, which instantly opened my eyes to what recruitment is all about. I was handling the full 360 within a month. It was important for me to come into an environment that I could move quickly in as I was already 4 years into my career.


Did your background resonate well with your clients and candidates?

Definitely, it was pretty much instant credibility - not only do I understand what consultants do on a day to day, but I can also relate to the clients. Also, my network at that level in consulting is probably much stronger than those that don’t have that previously consulting experience.


Do you feel like you’ve got a clear career path here?

Yes, absolutely. The promotion criteria is clear and well laid out. You will be completely supported by the team, the management, the leadership, however your success is ultimately down to you to create your own path at Investigo.


Do you feel you have a great work life at Investigo?

Yeah absolutely, the trips, the nights out, the general banter in the office - it all just makes for a really great social environment, which you don’t necessarily get in a lot of organisations.