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Matthew Heal - Cohen / Manager

How long have you been at Investigo?

Since January 2014 – so 2 and a half years


Can you give us a brief explanation on what you do for Investigo?

I sit within the strategy function of the business and lead Investigo’s pricing team, which focuses on recruiting into the UK and EMEA.


Where did you work before Investigo?

A company called Charles Levick - a small international financial recruitment company. I was headhunted by Investigo to build their pricing team.


What attracted you to Investigo?

Honestly, the first thing was the size of the company. I was working in an 8-person business and I wanted to be more immersed in a vibrant atmosphere where there was more going on. I wasn’t just interviewing at Investigo; I was interviewing at maybe 4 or 5 other places but the people I met at Investigo were a different type of person to the typical recruiter you’d meet. They were people that I would choose to socialise with outside of work, which made a huge difference. It was also a great opportunity.


What’s the best thing about working for Investigo?

The people. There’s not a single person at Investigo that I don’t like and in a business of nearly 200, that’s quite impressive. The culture’s fun and I think you get fair recognition for a fair job. It’s also an autonomous environment, yes we have some management elements but I think in general there’s a level of trust that you’re there to build your own business and I like that.


How does Investigo’s commission structure and high achievers compare to other agencies?

Despite only working at a couple of other agencies to date, I have headhunted people for my team and from speaking to potential recruits out there, our offering is another level. Our temp and interim commission structure is excellent and our perm offering is second to none. I got the opportunity last year to earn 45% of my billings which is pretty much unheard of. The fact that the threshold on the permanent side as well is only £20,000 and your basic salary has no bearing on that, is rare, very rare. Most commission structures factor in your salary, these ones don’t. It’s often a double-edged sword if you get a pay rise in the recruitment industry - you’ve got to bill more money before you start to earn.


What are the high achiever trips like?

The trips are brilliant; I went on all four last year. I think they are a blend of achievable but challenging, which I like. They increased the criteria last year but I think that reflected the market as the same amount of people still got on them. I love the fact we go abroad, and actually if you do well at Investigo you can go abroad 4 times a year minimum with the company for free. I think I actually came back from Menorca £30 richer because I won a bet whilst there. I have experienced places I would never have considered going before, like Reykjavik in Iceland - I would never of thought to have gone there but I loved every second of it, it’s a great place.


Which one has been your favourite to date?

I really liked Lisbon in 2015, then Menorca was pretty special and the annual Ibiza one every year is always fantastic. Each one is different, sometimes you get a city break where there’s quite a lot of things to do and it can be quite active, other times you can go to a hotel where it’s a lot more relaxed, sitting by a pool in the sun drinking gin and tonics. They cater for pretty much everybody.


Do you feel you have a great working life at Investigo?

Yes, absolutely