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London’s Oldest Football Club shows solidarity with Refugees

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Scott Parker completed another standout performance for The Whites, this time off the field, when he recently met with season ticket holder Ben Reed to hand over a victorious collection of shoes and kit as a donation to help Refugees.


Players and staff of Fulham FC collected the aid in a lovely gesture after hearing from Reed about the work his company, Investigo Ltd, have been doing in partnership with charity Donate4Refugees. Reed had reached out to his Club on-spec and said he was completely “blown away” by their response and generosity when he met with Parker to receive the donations.


The standout Club donated nearly 70 pairs of much-needed shoes, and hundreds of shirts, trousers, socks and other kit. Reed, together with Donate4Refugees founder, Amber Bauer, who both undertake aid runs to Europe’s Refugee Camps, will ensure the kit reaches those who need it most. Bauer adds “there are the tens of thousands of refugee children and adults across Europe who are surviving in camps, squats, and on the streets in below-freezing temperatures. This generous donation from Fulham FC of kits – long trousers, shirts and warm socks – will provide much needed layers, warmth and comfort to hundreds.”


Reed has a specific destination in mind for the donated shoes though. He will be taking them to the Dunkirk camp himself next week. On his first visit to Dunkirk Reed recalls “One young man managed to get hold of a pair of shoes we were donating; an old pair of astroturf trainers from someone in my office. This young man held on to them and smiled like he’d been given a bar of gold. As I looked to his feet I understood why. His own shoes were a very old pair of plimsoles made into makeshift sandals by pushing the backs down so he could squeeze his feet into them. They were at least three sizes too small.” This image stayed with Reed and his resolve to return with some decent shoes for the camp residents was set. Fulham FC’s generous contribution has meant Reed can do the trip a month earlier than he’d planned and he’s delighted.


Donate4Refugees was launched in October with the mission of funding daily essentials for vulnerable children and adult refugees such as food, clean water, clothes, shoes, first aid, phone credit, personal safety and education. Conditions for many tens of thousands of refugees across Europe are well below minimum humanitarian standards. Infant mortality, malnutrition, illness and depression are real issues faced every day.


The volunteering effort is heroic and Donate4Refugees was set up to support that. In the two months since launch we have been able to positively impact thousands of people. Our Fundraising Appeals have paid for blankets, fruit, vegetables, eggs and bread, winter trousers, underwear, children’s shoes, personal alarms for women, mobile phone credit, community space, and much more. For more information or to make a donation visit

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