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Diversity Policy

Our policy has always been best person for the job whether that be working for Investigo or placing with our client. this is reflected in the diversity of our own workforce, the temporary workforce and the diversity of our placements made to date


Prepared in advance for the introduction of latest age legislation e.g. DOBs already removed from CVs; web-based advertising complies with requirements; seminars attended to ensure full compliance by all consultants


Investigo positively welcomes and aims to support the growing diversity of the community we serve and the people we employ.We also acknowledge that we live in an unequal society in which many people face discrimination.


Investigo believes that equality opportunity and freedom from discrimination are fundamental human rights. We actively oppose all forms of discrimination and are committed to the principle that no person shall face discrimination by being treated unfairly or being denied access to services or employment opportunities.


We will not discriminate (indirect and direct) on the grounds of race, gender, gender reassignment, marital status, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, HIV status, or disability (covering sensory and physical disabilities, learning disabilities and mental health status)Discrimination as outlined above and harassment is unacceptable and contrary to our explicit aim of providing quality services and recruiting and retaining diverse staff.



Investigo recognises its responsibilities under the following equalities legislation and related Codes of Practice:

  • The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (updated 1986)
  • The Equal Pay Act 1970
  • The Race Relations Act 1976 and (Amendment) Regulations 2003 and
  • The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000
  • The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and Amendments
  • The Human Rights Act 1998
  • All European regulations and Directives


Through European Employment Equality regulations, Investigo recognises its responsibilities to promote equal opportunities in employment on the grounds of sexual orientation, religion or belief (December 2003) and age from October 1st 2006.

We intend to promote equality, value diversity and prevent discrimination through our roles as

  • Provider of candidates to our clients
  • Employer

We intend to progressively achieve this through a programme of audit, review, impact/needs assessment, development of equality objectives and outcomes, monitoring, consultation, scrutiny and changes to how we work. This will be undertaken as part of a programme of continuous development and mainstreaming of equality/diversity considerations throughout the whole Investigo business.