Ending homelessness, rebuilding lives

St Mungo’s outreach teams go out each night to meet people who are homeless and to help them off the streets. With 17 outreach teams we are one of the largest providers of outreach services in the country. Each night they offer a bed and support to more than 2,850 people across the south and south west. We believe that people can – and do – recover from the issues that cause homelessness. They work to prevent homelessness and support people at every step of their recovery from homelessness.

At St Mungo’s, we know that it takes more than a roof over someone’s head to end homelessness. While sleeping rough is the most visible form of homelessness, the causes and consequences of having nowhere stable to live are often much more complicated. That’s why we’ve developed a recovery based approach for our clients, focusing on addressing the issues a person faces to help them move on with their lives.

We look at each individual’s strengths – sometimes known as an ‘asset based’ approach – and use those skills and interests as the basis for recovery.

People experiencing homelessness often face a number of issues, commonly involving feelings of isolation, mental health problems, and drug or alcohol use. We know that working with people to understand their goals, and then helping them to achieve those is the best way to overcome these issues.

We’ve developed numerous services in our 50 year history, offering the basics such as temporary shelter or longer term accommodation, but also a wide variety of projects designed to help people with their confidence, skills and experience.

We strive to support people as they take control of their own recovery. Our role, our privilege, is to foster the right environment, so people can bring about their own changes, in their own way.

Time and again we’ve shown that people can, and do, move on from the problems that caused them to become homeless. And we believe that with well timed and carefully crafted support, we can help everyone into a place to call home, so they can fulfil their hopes and ambitions.

You can read more about the practical services we offer, such as our skills and employment courses, or get involved and help break the cycle of despair and isolation that keeps people on the streets.

Join us. Save a life, and take your first step with us on the road to ending homelessness and rebuilding lives.