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Parlimentary Skills Blog

Five key takeaways from the Parliamentary Skills Summit

The latest Parliamentary Skills Summit took place on Monday 27th November at the Houses of Parli...

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A Spotlight On Talent Trends In Pub Sector

A spotlight on talent trends in public sector

​As we approach the end of what’s been an incredibly eventful year not just in the public sector,...

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Government Procurement Changes And Potential Changes On Pub Sector

Government procurement changes impacting public buying

​New government procurement regulations will be going live Q3 and Q4 2024, looking to revise the ...

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Managing The Impact Of Ai In Hr

​Managing the impact of AI in HR

​HR and AI are two things you rarely hear in the same sentence. In fact, you could say they’re at...

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The Imperative Of High Quality, Trusted Data In The Uk Government

The imperative of high-quality, trusted data in UK Government

​Abstract “The only thing that gives information value is what can be accomplished with it.” - Br...

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Blog 16

Why transformation flies or dies

​A successful business transformation – how to lead people through change projectsHow when change...

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Why brilliant people fail brilliantly

​The secret to why failure is important for success and how learning from failure in business is ...

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Investigo20 Blog V2

Balloons, cupcakes and friendly competition: Investigo celebrates 20 year anniversary

It’s been an incredible 20 years for Investigo. Since we were formed in 2003, we’ve grown from a ...

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Generative Ai In Strategy Consulting   Five Key Takeaways With Barry T Whyte

Generative AI in strategy consulting: five key takeaways with Barry T Whyte

​Everyone seems to be talking about generative AI right now, but most business leaders still don’...

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Blog 18

Cohesive cultures in global teams

​How to build the successful global business culture that your people wantHere is a reassuringly ...

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Blog 17

Scaling cultures without breaking them

​Scaling company culture – how to maintain culture in a fast-growing business.The business is gro...

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Blog 20

Why your chances of going from CPO to CEO are low

​The next CEO is never the CPO – why are people leaders rarely business leaders?People leaders ar...

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Blog 15

How to create a people strategy for commercial success

​How to flip your workplace people strategies so they don’t flopHow many of us really know what m...

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Investigo shortlisted for two TIARAs!

​We’re delighted to have been shortlisted for The Parasol Temporary Recruitment Company of the Ye...

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How to climb a mountain - The key to corporate resilience

​We explore Martin Hewitt’s ideas around the importance of resilience in the workplace – and his ...

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Investigo plants 1,380 trees in bid to cut down environmental impact

​Another week, another 19 trees Investigo has planted 1,380 trees as part of its collaboration...

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Blog 14

How to create a high performance culture

​A high-performance culture – getting the best from what you already haveWe all need a business c...

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Derek   41

Introducing our new CEO … Derek Mackenzie

​Investigo is delighted to announce that we’ve appointed Derek Mackenzie as our new CEO for the U...

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Shortlisted Blog

Investigo shortlisted for two awards at Recruiter Awards 2023

​Investigo has been shortlisted for two awards at this year’s Recruiter Awards! As well as being ...

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Cultural essentials for your organisation in 2023

If there’s one thing that’s changed as much as the workplace over the last three years, it’s us. ...

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