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How is the public sector pay changing the Procurement industry?

Procurement public sector salaries are one of the most burning topics right now. A recent rise in salaries in the private sector has moved far beyond what public sector organisations can offer at the moment.

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) has recently released its latest salary guide which states that, over the last 12 months, the procurement profession received a 2.5% pay increase. Some roles have been given higher salary increases than average with Procurement Directors reporting a 3.3% pay rise and Assistant Buyers a 4.2%.

Procurement professionals are playing a crucial role in saving money and managing huge budgets and multi million pound contracts so, there should be no surprise that they get a lot of Government interest, recognition and above average salaries.

The main sectors where procurement and supply chain professionals are currently in demand are manufacturing and the public sector – especially the interim market for niche procurement categories with experience in clinical areas (NHS), IT and Construction. But a rise in the number of people relying on interim roles lower salaries for the public sector.

The 2010 elections led to huge cuts in the use of interim procurement professionals and corrected what were perceived to be imbalances in the wage structure of the UK’s mixed economy. The next 12 months will prove to be interesting for procurement within the public sector - the demand for procurement staff in the public sector is likely to continue to increase as budgets continue to reduce and procurement folks could once again find themselves as a resource that brings impressive return on investment for the companies they work for.

It is, therefore, extremely important that employers find ways to attract and retain their best procurement talent. To achieve this, public sector employers have to focus on offering employees rewards and tangible benefits, opportunities for personal learning and development as well as interesting and meaningful work.

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