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Atlas trek in aid of Halcyon

Eleven of our very adventurous colleagues, from a number of Investigo’s divisions, dared to climb the Atlas Mountains last week. Together, Luke Colley, Jim Wylie, Matthew Heal-Cohen, Max Fronicke, Michael Thornton, Olivia Woods, Scott Beckson, Kerry Appleton, Laura Miskell and Daniella Smith raised several thousand pounds for Halcyon Foundation, Investigo’s charity partner for 2015 which provides training and support to people diagnosed with autism or challenging behaviours. The foundation receives no government funding and relies completely on self-funding and donations.

The Atlas Mountains offer superb trekking and spectacular views and the trek involved 4 very challenging days of high altitude climbing. During those four days, our colleagues walked 102.65km (63.78miles) mostly on a vertical, bonded with one another and burned thousands of calories! You must be envying them now, right?. But, should you?

Hot Thursday

Distance: 28.59km

Steps: 40,382

Floors: 6010 ft (1831m)

Calories: 4,003

Best Fanta ever Friday

Distance: 26.62km

Steps: 37,602

Floors: 4430 ft (1,350m)

Calories: 3,408

Kill Me Saturday

Distance: 24.28km

Steps: 34,296 steps

Floors: 3130 ft (954m)

Calories: 3,229

Rainy Sunday

Distance: 23.16km

Steps: 32,714

Floors: 170 ft (51m)

Calories: 3,088

Scott Beckson, Co-founder and Executive Director at Investigo, said: ‘The Atlas Trek was without question the hardest challenge of my life. Climbing two mountains in four days with little to no sleep was physically demanding and hugely rewarding at the same time. If you haven’t done a serious mountain trek before, do it soon. I promise that you won’t regret it’.

The challenging feat was one of several fundraising efforts that Investigo recruitment consultants have undertaken this year for Halcyon Training Foundation which receives the full support of our employees across our five UK offices.

Please support autism awareness, training and support services by donating to Investigo’s fundraising page for Halcyon. Thank you.

P.S. Many congratulations to the team on this incredible achievement!