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The synergy between rugby and recruitment

​Almost everyone is talking about the Rugby World Cup these days as twenty nations are competing over six weeks in the hope of winning the William Webb Ellis Cup.

The UK seems to be bouncing around with excitement over this noble sport so, whether you’re a fan or not, you should definitely watch the games. Besides from having fun, you might also learn a thing or two from the players’ commitment, their sense of teamwork, discipline and dedication and respect.

These are the core values of rugby which can surely be crossed over into anyone’s daily life and, most definitely, into the world of recruitment.

Here’s how:


Great teamwork involves commitment and dedication from each team member and, when this happens, the results are greater than individual contributions. Rugby is the ultimate team game and rugby coaches know that a united team is an extremely powerful thing. That’s why they focus a lot on building a strong team ethos and a ‘getting along’ culture.

But teamwork is not only necessary in sport, it is also vitally important in a working environment. Just like in rugby, the most successful and productive teams create an environment where everyone works towards a common goal and understands what their contribution will be.

Although, recruitment often tends to be quite a solitary job, the same rules apply. While working independently might bring individual success, when all team members are pulling in the same direction, working together, supporting each other, amazing results are easier to achieve.

Discipline and Dedication

Discipline and dedication are some of the most admirable traits of rugby players. Discipline in rugby is key and, as an integral part of the game, is reflected through every team member adherence to the sport’s laws and regulations.

As industry knowledge and experience is not really enough, recruiters need to be exactly like rugby players: driven, disciplined and dedicated in order to chase and build long-term relationships with both clients and candidates.


As Dalai Lama noted, all people are just people and all deserve our respect.

Respect for colleagues and their roles within the team encourages a collegial work atmosphere, fosters collaboration, synergy and cooperation, which are essential ingredients for creating productivity and drive performance. Rugby players are very much aware of this and respect is actually one of their core values. It is the basis of the sport and the level of respect shown for opponents, referees, supporters, opposition players, coaches and other team members is absolutely remarkable in rugby and it is vital for each team’s success.

Today, respect is also top of mind for employees – they’re all looking to be respected and recognised for their contribution. When it comes to recruitment, respect relates to equity, fairness and getting along with colleagues, managers and clients. Like in rugby, in recruitment, there is a common goal – profitability - and respect goes hand in hand with profitability.

Can you think of some other traits that could be transferable in recruitment?