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The importance of knowing your candidates

​Having recently made the transition from Resourcer - a candidate-focused role - to Consultant - a client-focused role, I have realised how much emphasis is put on knowing your candidates regardless of where you are on your recruitment career path. Yes, when you reach consultant level and beyond, it is paramount your sales and project management skills are advanced. However, this still doesn’t detract from the fundamental fact that the route to success is keeping your candidates close and knowing what makes them tick.

As a Resourcer/Candidate Manager, it was my job to support the Recruitment Consultant through gathering as much information about our candidates as possible. Speaking with 20+ candidates on a daily basis to find out their position, interests, salary requirements etc., I had to liaise with a whole range of people, getting as much information as possible to make the perfect match. I thought knowing all these details meant I knew my candidates inside out. Now, I know I was wrong.

The depth of information that I now need as Consultant goes far beyond my initial expectations. My surrounding consultants are experts in the fields, they know everything about their markets and their candidates. I quickly realised that obtaining salary details and a notice period does not make me an expert in my chosen area of expertise – Pricing and Revenue Management. This was the first true part of the transition from Resourcer to Consultant complete.

I now conduct a daily candidate review and spend more time speaking to my candidates and finding out more relevant details: What exactly do they do? Who reports into them? Where do they sit in the business? Who do they report into? What does the company they work for do? What value could they add to an organisation? Why would they be a good cultural fit for a certain company? Why would a company hire them over another candidate?

Through not only understanding my market but knowing my candidates inside out, I am slowly but surely building my network where I am trusted by both clients and candidates. Knowledge is everything in this industry and the route to this knowledge is my candidates. Remember that and you won’t go too wrong in this industry.

Investigo is currently looking for talented individuals to help us reach our 2017 target of 205 people with a turnover of £100m. Our development programme enables us to support and train individuals to allow them to achieve their career goals and benefit both clients and candidates. So, if you’d like to be recognised and rewarded for your achievements then contact our Head of Talent Acquisition Victoria Hancock

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