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The value of recruitment agencies when searching for a new opportunity

​Looking for a job can be very time consuming and often frustrating. Writing and/or updating your CV and cover letter, searching for jobs and setting up job alerts, filling in and sending applications, telephone and face to face interviewing and, of course, waiting for that much desired offer makes looking for a job a full-time job in itself, right?

With that in mind, what can you do to make job searching a bit quicker and more targeted? You can find plenty of advice on the Internet on how to target your CV, how to polish your interview skills and manners, how to deal with recruiters, etc. However, I am not going to talk about that in this post. I will though, explain why every jobseeker should closely work with a couple of carefully selected recruitment consultants and agencies to find their dream roles.

  • 80% of jobs are not advertised by the employer. They will often decide to deal directly with recruitment agencies to save themselves time. Therefore, recruiters can give you access to a wider range of jobs within your specified market, such as highly confidential opportunities, which will often only be on offer through agencies.

  • Recruiters can provide very useful information on companies and roles that will match your career aspirations, personality, salary expectations etc. A good recruitment agency will meet the businesses they work with and will therefore have a good understanding of company culture, structure of the team, progression opportunities etc., which you will not find in an online advert.

  • Recruitment companies will amend and tailor your job application for every opportunity, which will save you a lot of time in your job search. They will also strengthen your interview skills and help you focus your career goals.

  • They will have strong networks and will proactively reach out to businesses that you are passionate about to see if there are any suitable roles available for you.

  • Consultants usually know what the format of the job interview will be and what the interviewers are looking for from a candidate. They can therefore give you some useful preparation and tips.

  • They’ll be able to negotiate the salary package, removing the need for any uncomfortable conversations. You can rest assured they will be looking for the right package for all parties involved.

  • They’ll also give you constructive criticism and feedback, which is an invaluable part of the recruitment process.

The above are just a few reasons why I would recommend anyone to reach out to a recruitment agency before they start applying blindly to jobs online. Here at Investigo we always meet our candidates face-to-face and work towards establishing their career goals and ambitions. From there, we are able to match them with amazing companies and roles that will provide them great job satisfaction. Get in touch with us today on to discuss your next career steps.