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Luton Breakfast Seminar

​Our regional offices were up with the larks on Wednesday 26th April to host their leadership forum breakfast seminar at the Luton Hoo Hotel and Spa. The topic of the day was inclusive leadership and productivity, welcoming two expert speakers in the field of well-being and diversity & inclusion.

It was clear from the beginning that the topics were high on the agenda of all who attended. Aptly following a nutritious breakfast, Damien Stork, Founder of Chamonix Hardcross Performance (CHX), delivered an engaging talk around unlocking a higher level of mental performance through encouraging improved well-being within the work place. Finding that optimum balance of a healthy lifestyle between the four pillars - sufficient sleep, a healthy diet, our surroundings and exercise, is the key to unlocking a less-stressful working environment. Consequently, each pillar has a knock-on effect: if we are tired – we crave sugar, if we eat sugar – we have sugar crashes, if we have sugar crashes – we feel tired, if we feel tired – we drink lots of coffee, which will ultimately affect our sleep. Suddenly we can find ourselves in a vicious cycle. Therefore, understanding the consequences of our choices is pivotal to finding that healthy balance Damien so vehemently spoke about.

Dan Robertson, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) gave a detailed insight into how it is not the level of IQ that creates a winning combination for project groups but the diversity and inclusivity of it. It has been categorically proven that organisations that invest both in diversity and inclusion are more likely to have highly increased levels of client insight, a more engaged and motivated workforce and realise an increase in profitability. Our unconscious bias can be mitigated through simply being aware of them and actively seeking to connect with people who are different from us.

The core message from both parties synchronised perfectly: for effective change to occur, it must be fed from the top down, whether it be actively mitigating your unconscious bias or making the decision to not answer emails after a certain point in the evening. As an individual it is imperative that we are aware that our own behaviours will naturally influence those around us.

Investigo work in partnership with both CHX and the ENEI. The well-being and inclusion of our people is held in the highest importance here; we believe by getting these elements right internally better equips us to advise and support our clients on their own journeys.

If you require support on your own well-being and inclusion for your business or team, Investigo are well positioned to advise, provide introductions to the leaders in these areas and assist with your strategy to find the diverse workforce you require to see the positive impact within your team or business.