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Investigo Finance Professionals Breakfast Seminar

​Investigo Guildford and Grant Thornton held their first joint Leadership Forum bringing together senior finance professionals from across the Surrey and Sussex area. Gathering at Silvermere Golf and Leisure our guests enjoyed the views of the lake over a networking breakfast before taking their seats.

Having led a similar successful discussion for our Thames Valley and Oxfordshire based guests, Alex Mumford, Partner at Grant Thornton explored their “CFO Scorecard” concept with the group. In a highly interactive session Alex encouraged our guests to grade themselves against the ‘Scorecard’, not only look at where they are now but also where they would like to be and also what is stopping them from achieving those goals for themselves, their teams and the company. In a room with representatives from a diverse group of businesses it was enlightening to learn where the different emphasis lie and hear the wide spectrum of challenges and aspirations across the sectors.

Tom Alden from Commit2Inspire followed with a session on the positive impact of setting goals. Tom not only has an impressive pedigree with the health and fitness arena having rowed 3,000 NM across the Atlantic Ocean and running 250+ kms across the Sahara Desert in the Marathon des Sables but is also an ex-Green Beret. He opened his piece with a bit of physical exercise offering us with four quick tricks to fix ‘Tech Neck’, the position you assume when checking your phone, that ensured we are all sitting taller by the end of the presentation and probably still are now.

Having worked towards the single goal of becoming a Commando for most of his youth, Tom spoke frankly about his time since leaving Special Forces. In particular, he focussed on, how he used positive mind set exercises and goal setting to over-come the effects of PTSD. Tom provided those attending with some of the practical habits he had found most helpful to create, including ending the day on a positive note by reviewing what the best thing that happened that day – be it a super pod of dolphins joining you whilst you row across the Atlantic, the sunshine across the lake or a great bacon sandwich.

For more information on this event, the topics covered or to be informed of our next event in this area please contact Mark Bonner, Associate Director, Investigo Guildford.