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Market Update: Manufacturing

​The manufacturing industry has most definitely had to adapt to changing times in the last year. Many things have had an impact, from the remote working model and how this affects production facilities and their operations, to the shortage of semiconductors within the automotive space, all whilst cars and trucks are going digital. All this has had an interesting effect on the hiring strategies of manufacturers.

Sales and engineering leaders seem to be the most sought after profiles within the market right now, especially if they have a deep customer or product understanding within electronics. Businesses across the manufacturing industry are increasingly interested in these profiles, as they can play a key part in helping to transform and evolve their business as we move further into digitalisation.

On the one side there will be a continuous need for future-thinking professionals who are able to bring new knowledge of evolving markets such as diverse mobility, autonomous driving, electrification, and connectivity. And on the other side, the need for immediate problem solvers and crisis management-focused operational leaders is just as strong as we are still in the midst of very challenging and uncertain times.

Compared to one year ago, the hiring market is extremely busy right now across all job functions and seniorities within the manufacturing space. Having worked very closely with some businesses who this time last year had closed all operations and did not see much hope for the future, and are now back working and maybe even more efficiently and effectively than in pre-COVID times, it goes to show that perseverance and keeping the end goal in sight will always pay off!