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Market Update: Actuarial

​The effects of last year’s events have continued through into 2021. Who would’ve thought this time last year that we would see the biggest peak in recruitment activity in the insurance market just a year on? A peak that some of our clients claim they haven’t seen in over 20 years.

Candidates are enjoying the variety of options but it’s been a bit challenging for our clients due to the increased competition they’re facing. It’s never been more important to act fast when they see a great candidate. Some candidates are still reluctant to make a move as we’re so close to returning to normality. People are looking forward to seeing their colleagues and being part of a team again in person.

The market continues to be busy and we’ve seen hundreds of actuaries move across all areas of the non-life market, including direct insurers in the Lloyd’s and London Market and personal lines as well as consultancies, brokers and reinsurers. It is particularly busy on the pricing side with some interesting technical roles as well as portfolio management roles. But we have also seen a constant flow of new roles within the capital modelling, risk and reserving space. With the markets hardening, we expect this rise to continue well into the next year.

This is definitely a great time to be a non-life actuary with a plethora of options to choose from.