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The Glassdoor revolution and why it matters in the recruitment process

​I’m sure you’ve all heard about Glassdooor, the website which, since 2007, provides the opportunity for both current and former employees to anonymously rate companies they’ve worked for. Since it was founded, Glassdoor has revolutionised the job hunt and created more transparency in the workplace. It has basically become the TripAdvisor for recruitment.

Today, the website has millions of company and interview reviews and questions on thousands of companies worldwide, CEO approval ratings and salary reports. Over the years, it has become a trusted and transparent career community which has helped lots of job seekers find the right company for them.

A study conducted by Software Advice shows that 2,201 of 4,633 (48% of their data set) respondents reported having used Glassdoor at some point in their job search.

Moreover, Glassdoor recently revealed that:

  • 75% of hiring managers say that reputation affects recruiting.

  • 83% of job seekers are wary of working for a company with a negative reputation.

  • 55% of candidates said they would reconsider their job application if the company had negative press.

Glassdoor is now the fastest-growing career site and will most definitely continue to evolve and grow. Companies can no longer afford to overlook the invaluable insight that Glassdoor gives job seekers into what working for a company is like because, these insights can make or break a company’s recruiting process and any employment branding efforts they’ve made.

I know I’ve used it in the past and I’ve also had more than one candidate pull out citing Glassdoor reviews as at least part, if not the whole reason. I’ve also had clients who have turned their noses up at candidates who take these results into account when interviewing with a company but that’s dangerous in this modern era of social-media. Employers shouldn’t underestimate the impact negative as well as positive reviews can have on a person going through the interview process.

Millions of job seekers come to Glassdoor each month to research companies and apply for jobs. If used correctly, the website can massively improve a company’s employer brand – with customised profiles, ‘work for us’ content, social media integration and strategies which include reviews responding and monitoring - companies can show off their brand and tell their unique story to attract the best talent and influence them at the moment they’re making decisions. This results in higher applicant quality and a significantly lower cost-per-hire compared to traditional job boards.

The strategic importance of Glassdoor and its peer group, cannot be underestimated from a HR / Talent perspective. Increasingly, Talent Acquisition teams have dedicated resources focussed on raising the company profile on social media and mitigating any risks it presents from an Employer Branding perspective. We are increasingly noticing the importance candidates are placing on this information when choosing between multiple offers. The link between employee engagement and social media commentary cannot be ignored. Companies that embrace this and are able to convert current and past employees into brand ambassadors will soon have the competitive edge.

As the market moves from a client/ job driven focus to a candidate driven one, and the ‘war for talent’ becomes more intense, being caught sleeping in this digital age can have a significant commercial impact.

What’s your take? Are you regularly turning to Glassdoor to get a real-time pulse on your company? Is your HR department involved in in your employer branding strategies?