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Investigo Network Event - Making our Unconscious Bias Conscious

​Dan Robertson, from Vercida Consultancy, joined us as key speaker for our Investigo Network Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) breakfast event at Furniture Makers Hall on Wednesday 11th October. The talk focused on Unconscious Bias and also invited attendees to review their own Diversity and Inclusion successes and challenges to date in roundtable discussions.

The hour-long session managed to encapsulate Unconscious Bias to give the audience an insightful introduction to the vast topic. Dan, who clearly lives and breathes the subject matter with his level of expertise, inspired the attendees to evaluate their own employer’s D&I journey so far.

Research conducted by the Work Foundation concludes that effective D&I policies result in an improved ability to respond and change through creativity and innovation, as well as improved employer and brand awareness. Not surprisingly, this all adds up to a significant improvement in performance and shareholder value.

We are neurologically designed to gravitate towards people like us, in both personal and work environments, which is why in many of today’s businesses we see a common theme of the demographic the higher up the hierarchical ladder we go. With the critical mass tipping point for challenging ‘group think’ sitting at 20%, businesses need to be committing to not only creating a diverse workforce, but ensuring that it is inclusive based on the principles of value and respect.

The breakfast event was the beginning of a range of Investigo Network events being held to bring insight to our clients and candidates, on topics that are relevant in today’s business world.

If you would like to learn more about the events and publications being released for the Investigo Network please contact Lisa Holberton on