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Helping to Make Recruitment Accessible to All

With many reports indicating that only 20% of recruitment websites are deemed as accessible, Investigo has taken positive steps to ensure that their website is accessible to all. 

The accessible version of their company website brings a plethora of functionality to assist in creating a positive user experience of the platform for everyone. With text to speech functionality, the ability to change font colour, size & type, as well as dyslexia software, this revolutionary platform offers an equal experience to all. The disability equality charity, Scope, reports that there are approximately six million people in the UK who are dyslexic and two million with a sight impairment. It also states that disabled individual is twice as likely to be unemployed as a non-disabled person. 

The update to the website is part of their commitment to becoming a Disability Confident Employer, a journey they have set on to achieve no later than in 2019. The company is reviewing their processes around reasonable adjustments, as well as raising awareness both internally through training and also by planning external events and publication as part of their client education programme in early 2019. Diversity and Inclusion is certainly not a new topic focus for this recruitment agency, with it being a strategic focus of theirs for over two years. 

Nick Baxter, CEO, commented: “We need to focus less on an individual’s disability and more on what it is preventing an individual doing the job in hand. The society we live in, too often than not, presents obstacles that could be removed with just a few adjustments. Our commitment as a business includes making our website accessible to all, training and raising awareness internally, as well as making reasonable adjustments to our interview process and events to ensure everyone has an equally positive experience when dealing with Investigo.”

For more information on Investigo's journey to becoming a Disability Confident Employer, please contact Lisa Holberton at