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Investigo Network Event l Employee Wellbeing

​Employee Wellbeing was the focus of Investigo’s most recent Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) event, with a spotlight on the topics: Belonging and Sleep Optimisation. The breakfast event brought together Human Resources and Talent Management professionals from across the Northern Home Counties at the Luton Hoo Hotel on Wednesday 3rd October. We welcomed Dan Robertson, Director of Vercida Consulting and Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, Performance Wellbeing Talent Therapist and Coach, to give their guidance on what individuals could be doing to ensure the best working practices for the employees in their care.

Dan Robertson opened for us, raising awareness of the detrimental effect of a non-inclusive working environment. A renown global expert on Diversity and Inclusion, Dan illustrated how the absence of inclusion can place strain on employee’s mental health, as well as our own. By asking our guests to consider questions such as: Do I feel I can be myself? Do play down my differences to fit in? Do I feel like I belong here? Dan was asking us to consider how our behaviours, and those demonstrated within the workplace, might be creating a feeling of insiders and outsiders - a combination set up to erode our mental health. With the consequences of feeling ‘outside’ ranging from feeling compromised in order to fit in, through to withdrawing input into your team, to ultimately ‘mentally checking out’ whilst still physically doing the role. The business case for inclusion reaches far beyond it being ‘the right thing to do’, it is essential for creating healthy, creative, engaged workplaces with employees all contributing to the success of the organisation.

Our second speaker was Mindcoach, Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, a Performance Wellbeing Talent Therapist & Coach. Delivering performance wellbeing solutions to organisations from classroom to boardroom including, Sainsburys, Net-a-Porter and TeamGB Athletes, Natalie is a key speaker in the field of human-centred leadership, emotion mastery, organisational culture and mental wellbeing. With these impressive wellbeing credentials Natalie concentrated her expertise on delivering a practical session on techniques to enhance Sleep Optimisation and Performance Wellbeing for attendees. Delivering some of proven stark facts on the impact of sleep deprivation to our health we learned that even small regular amounts of sleep deprivation, the type so easy to fall into with social media ‘App Laps’, checking and sending work emails and Netflicks box sets until after midnight, have the same detrimental effects as the occasional nights of 4/5 hours sleep. Natalie put forward practical solutions to help us move towards good sleep hygiene, along with some practical techniques to help sleep better in order to improve everyday performance.

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