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Investigo plants 1,380 trees in bid to cut down environmental impact

​Another week, another 19 trees

Investigo has planted 1,380 trees as part of its collaboration with independent environmental charity Trees for Cities. Started in October 2021, the partnership sees our recruitment brand planting trees for every job seeker it places in a role. The total of 1,380, as of the start of May, means Investigo donated over 19 trees a week in the first 18 months since the initiative began!

Trees for Cities delivers urban tree planting projects in socially and environmentally deprived areas across the UK and oversees. Set up in 1993, it aims to create urban forests in the areas that need them most, leading to greener urban areas and cities.

As part of the agreement, Investigo’s people also have the opportunity to partner with the charity’s workers to revitalise forgotten spaces and create healthier environments and edible playgrounds for children.

A dual incentive

Michael Thornton, director of Investigo’s public sector team and charity and community manager for The IN Group’s ESG committee, said: “We’re incredibly proud of the number of trees we’ve planted since we began our partnership. While working hard to find fantastic jobs for our candidates, we also get the opportunity to take part in volunteering activities where we can escape from our desks and make a huge difference to the environment. From first-hand experience, that’s incredibly fulfilling to be a part of. At the same time, it’s extremely rewarding to see our forest grow with every placement we make.”

Net zero by 2030

Planting trees is another step in The IN Group’s ongoing journey to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, as Nick Baxter, CEO, explained: “We’re on an exciting journey to achieve net zero 20 years before the government target date, a huge challenge that will require total commitment from every one of us, but one we’re all incredibly passionate about.”

He added: “To achieve net zero, you have to live and breathe net zero. That’s why we’re actively gearing our operations and culture towards accomplishing this goal. In 2021, we moved our London head office to a building supplied by 100% renewable energy sources. We also encourage our people to think about how they can live their lives in a more sustainable way, whether it’s recycling more, wasting less or changing the way they travel to and from work, for which we offer electric vehicle salary sacrifice and cycle to work schemes. It’s all part of embedding a mindset that allows us to achieve our objective.”

You can find out more about our commitment to ESG here.