We regularly publish Insight magazines on Diversity and Inclusion topics as part of our Investigo Network (IN) initiative. Through Investigo Network we bring insights to our clients and candidates through publications, events and seminars. These publications include articles from industry experts as well as practical advice that can be used in the workplace on a day-to-day basis.


Previous publications: 

Issue 1 | Diversity and Inclusion

Over the last decade, the ‘business case’ for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has become overwhelmingly compelling and as a result has become a key strategic objective for the majority of leaders. Recent research conducted by the Work Foundation concludes that effective D&I policies result in an improved ability to respond and change through creativity and innovation, as well as improved employer and brand awareness. Our very first Insight magazine builds the business case for following a Diverse and Inclusive approach bringing you insights from one of the leading experts on Unconscious Bias, VERCIDA Consulting’s Dan Robertson, has assisted many of our partners on their Diversity and Inclusion strategy. 

Contributors: Dan Robertson (VERCIDA Consulting)

Issue 2 | Workplace Mental Health

In this edition you will hear from industry experts about both workplace mental health and suicide, as well as ideas and advice on how to overcome the stigma and improve mental well-being in your day-to-day working environments. With the business cost of mental health in the region of £34bn from sickness absence, reduced productivity and replacing people who leave jobs for mental health reasons, workplace mental health is a topic we should be encouraging conversation with amongst our employees. As a business, we (Investigo) want to ensure that we are creating an environment where our employees can all speak more openly about mental health and in turn support one another better.

Contributors: Natalie Pennicotte Collier (The Mindcoach), Andy Bell (Centre for Mental Health), Jaan (Centre for Mental Health), Dan Robertson (VERCIDA Consulting), Alex Cahill (Outfiters Fitness), Sarah Hughes (Centre for Mental Health) and Jonny Benjamin MBE

Issue 3 | Diversity Quotas

Whilst we have seen improvement in the increasing number of women on UK boards – since 2011 this has more than doubled to 29% from 12.5%, the 2017 World Economic Forum report found that gender equality can only be attained in an estimated 217 years. Similarly, the representation of ethnic minority candidates at Board level (only 85 of the 1,050 director positions in FTSE 100) and BAME candidates in senior management positions sits at just 6%. So, why isn’t this improving despite companies’ increased awareness and efforts to improve the ratios? Diversity and Inclusion continues to be a core focus for businesses globally, with many introducing informal diversity targets within their recruitment processes. This insight explores the introduction of formal diversity quotas to accelerate diversity.

Contributors: Dan Robertson (VERCIDA Consulting)

Issue 4 | Disability Confident

Disability confidence is a hot topic in society at the moment and there is no greater requirement for it than in the workplace. Disabilities exist in many forms and it is often the perceptions and assumptions about the impact of impairments that place limitations on the individuals living with them. The reality is that we all live with barriers but in a suitable environment, with the correct attitudes and adaptability, there is no limit to one’s potential. In our most recent Insight we bring practical advice on how businesses can become Disability Confident, giving you best practice, how we can understand our bias better, as well as how to make your website is accessible to all. 

Contributors: Liz Johnson (TAP), Jenny Hinde (The Clear Company), Dan Robertson (VERCIDA Consulting), Ross Linnett (Recite Me) and Nick Goss (Goss Consultancy)

Issue 5 | Return to Work

With a large proportion of the workforce experiencing a leave of absence from their employer at some point in their career, for varying reasons from parental leave to illness to a life event, many of us will experience the process of returning to work. We hear from both experts in the field on how best to support those returning to your business, alongside how some businesses managed the return to work for their employees. Both offering practical advice on how best to ease the transition for both parties. We also hear the experiences of those who have returned to work after a period out of the workforce. These invaluable accounts grant us a unique insight into not only the vulnerabilities of those returning to work but also their drive and passion to get back into the workforce and how they have made this work for them and their employer.

Contributors: Dan Robertson (VERCIDA Consulting), Martin Sockett (Grafton Merchanting GB), Gemma Bell (Investigo), Nicola Halliday (Clear Company), Angharad Kenward (Investigo) and Tom Kenward (Microsoft)

Issue 6 | Measuring Workplace Inclusivity

​We discuss the subject of inclusivity and belonging as well as explore practical methods for measuring employee experience to ensure sustainable D&I strategies and robust company cultures.

Contributors: Dan Robertson (VERCIDA Consulting), Peter Wozny (Brown Rudnick LLP), Marie Cuffaro (Investigo) and Vince Voon (Home Office)

Issue 7 | Let's talk about Race

Contributors: Peter Hall (VERCIDA Consulting), Alex Voskou (Investigo), Olivia Dodd (Investigo) and Dan Robertson (VERCIDA Consulting)

Issue 8 | You'll Be You And I'll be Me

​​Contributors: Alex Voskou (Investigo), Thom Dennis (Serenity in Leadership), Derek Mackenzie (Investigo), Jon Jacobs (CandidateX), Kirsten Tolfree-Dart (Caraffi) and Matt Moore (Mermaids Charity)

Issue 9 | Wellbeing and Engagement

Cara Goodier-Dodson, Emily Tatham (Caraffi), Olivia Wynne (OA Coaching), Sarah House-Barklie (Investigo), Gemma Bell (Investigo) Natalie Smith (Siren Training), Alex Voskou (Investigo) and Vanessa Cuddeford