Talking is so important when it comes to DEI. It’s only by talking that we can understand each other, exchange views, and keep our knowledge up to date. At the same time, talking is nothing without positive action to back it up. Our regular DEI events help to make that happen.

Hosted by leading DEI experts, our roundtable discussions allow our colleagues, candidates, clients, and partners to engage in deep conversations where we share experiences and insights. We then use these to create meaningful change and bring DEI to life.

Examples of our DEI events include:

Promoting disability confidence at Investigo

​While a diverse organisation attracts people of all backgrounds, inclusion is crucial to keeping them and helping them fulfil their potential. Investigo held a disability awareness workshop to build on our understanding of disability and provide practical ideas for further embedding disability confidence into our ways of working. It was hosted by Nick Goss, owner of Goss Consultancy Ltd and leading disability consultant. Read more about the event here.

Race in the workplace: how to drive culture transformation

​Our panel event discussed the key questions on race in the workplace and provided practical advice for professionals from across our network. Investigo’s Head of Partnerships Olivia Dodd was joined by Darrell Coker, Founder and Head of Product for Flair, and Loraine Martins, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Network Rail. Read more about the event here.

Women’s forum: being your authentic self

Authenticity can be hard to understand and even harder to achieve. Melanie Robinson, Principal Consultant, hosted an Investigo Women’s Forum panel discussion exploring ways of finding your confidence and values, and discussing the importance of being your authentic self in the workplace. Read more about the event here.

​If you’d like to join our next DEI event or you’d like to talk to us about potentially co-hosting an event with Investigo, please get in touch with our DEI committee.