​DEI is an intrinsic part of society and the world around us. It’s how we connect and relate to each other. How we treat each other. That’s why we work hard to weave DEI into everything we do at Investigo, and our approach is driven bottom-up and top-down.

​​Making up 10% of our global workforce, our DEI committee helps us ensure our culture is inclusive to everyone we work with – including our people, our clients, and our candidates. By bringing DEI into their outlook, we want to empower and inspire people, creating a knock-on effect to the teams they work in or hire.

Our journey took a new shape in 2016, when we actively committed to put DEI front and centre of our internal education and advancement programmes. Along the way, we’ve shared all we have been learning externally – becoming a trusted advisor that helps our clients embrace inclusivity as part of their people strategy.

Our mission

Turning the dial both internally and externally.

It’s vital that we walk the walk and talk the talk. We make every effort to do this by supporting our people and our customers in identifying the best talent with inclusion in mind. At the same time, we try hard to drive long-term change within the markets where we operate.

Our internal and external strategy is built on three core principles:

  • Attraction – how we look to attract and retain talent across Investigo and support our clients with their short-term hiring objectives.

  • Facilitation – providing the platform for groups to share experiences and successes.

  • Evolution – providing the tools for people to turn the dial on culture longer term.

Expert panels

​We base our approach to DEI on four main pillars, where we aim to positively impact mindsets and beliefs: ​

  • Disability and neurodiversity

  • Gender equality

  • Investigo Pride

  • Race and religion

Each is overseen by a dedicated expert panel and supported by a team of advocates from across the business, who have a strong passion for that particular area of DEI. Everyone’s welcome to get involved and we’re all given the opportunity to make a positive difference.

Our quarterly committee meetings allow us to discuss upcoming DEI initiatives, reflect on our achievements, and talk honestly about the work we still have to do. These meetings provide a safe space for everyone. They know that they belong and will be heard with an open mind by those who are ready and willing to do better.

Keeping the conversation going

We hold regular roundtable events hosted by leading experts in DEI, allowing useful dialogue and the sharing of experiences and insights. Our regular insight reports offer inspiration and practical advice for organisations looking to be the change they want to see.

We don’t have all the answers, but we’re doing everything we can to learn, understand and get better every day. If you’d like to hear more about our journey and to share how you’re seeking to positively change DEI in your organisation, we’d love to have that conversation with you. Please contact our Associate Director of Client Success, Olivia Dodd.​


Investigo welcomes everyone who shares our values, regardless of age, belief, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, maternity status, marital status, pregnancy, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. We must do everything we can to stamp out prejudice wherever we find it and ensure that every one of our people feels empowered to be the best versions of themselves every day.

Download the OUR Gender Pay Report Here