Since the beginning of our Diversity and Inclusion journey we have worked with Dan Robertson at VERCIDA Consulting. Dan has been pivotal in our growth and development, guiding us through key decisions in our D&I strategy to ensure we are continually progressing and moving forward. Attending our D&I committee meetings on a regular basis, we benefit from Dan’s expertise to ensure we are focusing on the right elements of the wide spectrum of D&I, as part of both our internal and external strategy. VERCIDA Consulting have also provided training for all our consultants on Unconscious Bias.

If you are at the start of your Diversity and Inclusion journey or perhaps you are looking to evaluate your success to date? It may be time to fresh your Diversity and Inclusion strategy, review your leadership and inclusion training provision or de-bias your decision-making processes. Contact VERCIDA directly or speak to your Investigo representative who can set up a meeting on your behalf.

VERCIDA Consulting service provide the following services:


Never off the shelf: Their D&I programmes are underpinned by research from 3 inter-connecting studies of human behaviour and decision-making: social psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics.


Assisting clients to embed Diversity and Inclusion within their businesses by: undertaking diversity audits and developing inclusion strategies; conducting policy reviews and by de-biasing and inclusion proofing organisational decision-making frameworks


As the global business landscape changes, so does the need for a new inclusive style of leadership. VERCIDA support their clients to drive business performance through the development of inclusive leadership using a range of leadership development programmes and assessment tools.

Assessment and Tools

Assessments and tools are designed to help clients to develop individual self-awareness and team effectiveness through behavioural change and system re-design.

​​Virtual Solutions

Offering virtual learning solutions designed to offer businesses with a range of flexible and cost-effective learning tools in a world increasingly defined by agility and diversity.